Your mouthwash Reflex

Cleanitud proposes an innovation that will improve oral hygiene practices in the workplace.

We make available to our customers distributors of self-service mouthwash in sanitary facilities.

Oral hygiene can be improved

Oral hygiene in France

  • 92% of French people had at least one cavity in their lives 92%
  • 63% of French people have the sensation of having bad breath 63%
  • 50% of men do not have regular follow-up 50%

Oral hygiene at work

Only 1 in 10 employees brush their teeth at their workplace.

Most say that they do not have the reflex, that there is no dedicated space or that it is not practical.

The recommendations

It is recommended to brush your teeth 2 times a day morning and evening

In addition to brushing teeth, it is advisable to use mouthwash of everyday use.

Our solution, the mouthwash Reflex

A convenient dispenser

Quick maintenance

Easily adapts to your environment

Secure opening with key

Built-in cup holder

The mouthwash

Bottle of 1,5L : 125 doses

Daily use mouthwash


Goblets: natural pulp material, 15ml/cup

   Made in France

Different possible distributor designs

Metal gray


A customizable facade

We meet your challenges


Improve hygiene

A mouthwash improves oral hygiene.

Improve the quality of life at work

Concrete action to provide employees with the same services in the workplace as at home.


Rethink the sanitary facilities

Business sanitary facilities are often the only place where innovation and improvement of equipment have not been taken into account.

A global service


Distributor installation


Distributor maintenance every 6 months


Quarterly Replenishment of Consumables


Employee awareness through communication films

We work with them